Affisink Biotechnology Ltd

Affisink Biotechnology Ltd. has developed a new enabling technology platform, Affinity Sinking™ – for bimolecules separations.

The technology revolutionizes current methods used to purify or separate biological molecules, including proteins, cells (positive and negative selection), viruses, DNA, and more

Archaezyme Ltd.

Medical Field: General Health

Archaezyme Ltd. was established 1996, with the mission of developing ultra stable enzymes for use in industrial processes

Bio Dalia Technologies Ltd

BIO DALIA TECHNOLOGIES core business is in industrial biotechnology. It manufactures and markets Bacillus thuringiensis

bioinsecticides and is active in contract manufacturing of biochemicals by fermentation, industrial bioprocess development and R&D


Enzymotec is a biotech company ‘ a leading supplier of lipid-based products.

Fermentek Ltd.

Medical Field: General Health

FERMENTEK Ltd. Specializes in the research, development and manufacture of biologically active, natural products isolated from microorganisms


MycoEnzyme has developed highly efficient manufacturing technologies for production of ligninolytic (lignin degrading) enzymes from fungi, with a variety of industrial applications

Novetide Ltd.

Medical Field: General Health

Novetide Ltd. is a biotechnology company focused on development and production of peptide based active pharmaceutical ingredients to the pharmaceutical industry