Gene therapy & Molecular Biology

BioCancell Therapeutics Ltd.

Medical Field: Cancer

BioCancell Therapeutics Inc. is a biopharmaceuticals corporation specializing in the development of Patient-Oriented,

Targeted Therapy for the treatment of numerous types of cancer

BioCEP Ltd.

Medical Field: General Health

BioCep has developed an innovative platform technology that enables reliable identification and separation of

desired cells at a high yield, purity and viability

Bio-Magnetics LTD

Medical Field: Autoimmune Diseases

BIO-MAGNETICS was a start-up company founded in 1997, dedicated for R&D in the fields of magnetic separation and molecular biology

Genzyme Israel

Medical Field: Genetic Disorders

Genzyme develops Innovative solutions to unmet medical needs mainly for rare genetic disorders.


Medical Field: Nephrology

Gene Vector Technologies Ltd. is an early stage biotechnology company that strives to overcome the safety and efficiency shortcomings of current gene therapy vectors to unleash the true potential of gene therapy

ILIT Bio-Ventures Ltd.

Medical Field: Genetic Disorders

ILIT`s mission is to develop therapies for incurable genetic diseases by combining cutting edge genetic therapies