Accelerated Evolution Biotechnologies – AEBi Ltd

Medical Field: General Health

AEBi is developing its SoAP platform, a combinatorial biology technology in the drug discovery field

Biokine Therapeutics Ltd

Medical Field: Autoimmune Diseases

Biokine Therapeutics develops new drugs to treat inflammation and cancer by targeting chemokines and chemokine receptors

Compugen Ltd

Medical Field: Cancer

Compugen is a leading drug and diagnostic discovery company providing novel product candidates

Jexys Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Medical Field: Inflammation

Jexys Pharmaceuticals Ltd is an Israeli biopharmaceutical company developing a platform of screening technologies

Procognia Ltd

Medical Field: Cancer

Procognia is an innovative biotech company expert in glycobiology and specifically in glycoanalysis

Rosetta Genomics Ltd

Medical Field: Oncology

Rosetta Genomics is a biotechnology company, with a significant product pipeline based on its breakthrough proprietary microRNA


Medical Field: diabetes,Optic neuropathy, AKI

QBI is clinical-stage pharmaceutical company that is a leader in the discovery and development of

novel RNAi-based therapeutics


developing antibody-like polymers for detection and drug iscovery

Sepal Pharma Ltd

Medical Field: Oncology

A bio pharma company developing a new class of anti-cancer agents based on a chemically defined family of plant stress hormones

Zephyr Proteomix Ltd

Zephyr ProteomiX Ltd. is developing rapid, accurate and cost-effective high-throughput screening (HTS)-based microarray products designed to simplify and facilitate the medical laboratory and to improve the quality of patient care